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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Detroit, MI

Even in the summer, the temperature in Detroit can drop to 60 degrees at night – perfect weather to sit back and relax in a hot tub. Whether spending time with friends and family or just relaxing and soothing muscle pains after a long day, you can always find a good reason to use a hot tub. We researched the best hot tubs in Detroit to help you choose the perfect one for your lifestyle.

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  • 20-year structural warranty
  • Sells directly to consumer
  • Prices start at $4,000

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Master Spas, Inc.
Overall satisfaction rating
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Swim spas with ergonomic design
  • Use the 'Find a Spa' tool
  • 3 natural water sanitizers

Sells spas, portable hot tubs and swim spas. Features biomagnetic therapy, filtration, water management systems and energy-efficient insulation. Includes 10-year warranty on shell. Prices start at around $6,000.

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Aqua Living Factory Outlets
  • Website features detailed graphics of dozens of models
  • Ozonator ready hot tubs, for cleaner, clearer water longer
  • 12 months same as cash, in-house financing
  • In-house service and support available
32564 Dequindre Rd.
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 576-6888
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Pools and Spas A Go-Go
  • 3 locations in metro Detroit
  • Equipment, chemicals and products available online and in-store
  • Family-owned since 1965
  • Maintenance, installation, insurance quotes and tutorial services
48270 Van Dyke Ave.
Utica, MI 48317
(586) 739-5333
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  • M-F: 10am - 6pm
  • Sat: 9am - 6pm
  • Sun: 10am - 4pm
  • pooltown.com
26041 Plymoth Rd.
Redford, MI 48239
(313) 937-2220
Leisure Works LLC
  • M-Sat: 11am - 6pm
  • Sun: 12pm - 5pm
  • poolandspasale.com
41430 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI 48375
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Waterworks, Pools, Hot Tubs & More Inc.
  • M-F: 10am - 6pm
  • Sat: 10am - 4pm
  • Sun: 11am - 3pm
  • waterworks-pools.com
19085 Eureka Rd.
Southgate, MI 48195
(734) 284-3885
Glenn's Fireplace and Spa
  • M-F: 10am - 7pm
  • Sat: 10am - 6pm
  • Sun: 12pm - 4pm
  • glennsfireplaceandspa.com/spas
11211 Wayne Rd.
Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 367-6700
Viscount Pools
  • M-F: 8:30am - 5pm
  • Sat: 8:30am - 3pm
  • Closed Sun
  • viscountpoolseast.com
32429 Industrial Dr.
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 419-0491

How to choose a hot tub in Detroit

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Hot tubs are a great way to relax or spend time with your friends and family, but they also offer therapeutic benefits. They can ease pain caused by arthritis or sore muscles, and studies have shown the benefits may extend even further. The New England Journal of Medicine has reported hot tubs can help lower the blood sugar levels of people with Type 2 diabetes. A study from the University of Oregon reported that daily soaks in a hot tub can reduce a person's chance of heart attacks.

Additional reported benefits may include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced vascular health
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved rehabilitation when recovering from spinal injuries

Your insurance may cover the cost of a hot tub if you need one for medical reasons. You'll need documentation of your injury or condition, and your doctor will need to decide a hot tub is necessary. Not all insurance plans will cover the cost, though, and the ones that do usually only pay for a one-person hot tub.

If your insurance doesn't provide coverage and you have a medical condition that is improved by hot tub use, you can write off the purchase price and installation cost of the hot tub as a medical deduction on your federal tax returns. If the hot tub is a permanent fixture that increases the value of your home, though, the value increase is subtracted from the total deduction.

Buying a hot tub is a relatively simple process, but there are some things to consider. Most communities require permits for the installation of a new hot tub. Detroit city codes require pools, hot tubs and spas have a filtration system, fence enclosure and adhere to Michigan construction codes.

Communities may also have codes that regulate the foundation, location and placement of hot tubs. Before installing a hot tub, talk to your dealer and make sure you can meet all the requirements. Many dealers have team members who are experts on local codes.

Once you're ready to purchase your hot tub, you'll want to look into the available sizes and features. Common customization options include the number and placement of jets in your hot tub, but you may also look at options such as:

  • Lounge seating, upright seating or both
  • Bluetooth and/or WiFi compatibility
  • Speakers
  • Lighting
  • Smartphone compatibility

The exterior of the hot tub, called the shell, can be made of a variety of materials. Acrylic is the most common material for hot tubs in Michigan because of its durability, but models may use vinyl, rotocast polymer, plastics and fiberglass.

When it's time to install your hot tub, you can have it done professionally or install it yourself. Most companies in Detroit provide installation services, and some hot tubs may require professional installation. Unless you have experience, it's best to let hot tub technicians handle the task to avoid damaging your new purchase.

While hot tub maintenance can be relatively simple, many dealers also have a service department that can handle the upkeep for you. If you do choose to maintain your hot tub yourself, remember to regularly change the filters, check your chemical levels and drain or circulate the water when the tub is not in use for an extended period of time.

Hot Tubs Reviews


ThermoSpas may have fewer available models than some companies, but what the company lacks in quantity, they make up for in value. They use top-rated components while keeping prices low and sell directly to customers rather than work through dealers. Customers in Detroit say the quality of in-home service varies, but love the therapeutic benefits of the product.

ThermoSpas Learn More (800) 876-0158

Master Spas, Inc.

This award-winning swim spa and hot tub manufacturer is headquartered just a short drive away in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Master Spas offers hot tubs and spas that are energy efficient with optional noise reduction, water management and biomagnetic therapy systems. Customers in Detroit love the buying experience and say sales representatives are easy-going, friendly and knowledgeable.

Master Spas, Inc.

Aqua Living Factory Outlets

With dozens of models and a variety of features to choose from, Aqua Living has a hot tub to match every lifestyle. Because they are a manufacturer selling directly to customers, they offer some of the lowest prices in town. Detroit residents love the easy buying and installation process and the warm and knowledgeable staff.

Aqua Living Factory Outlets

Pools and Spas A Go-Go

This family-owned Michigan business opened more than 50 years ago with a focus on offering quality products, earning customer satisfaction and employing a knowledgeable workforce. Since opening in Berkley in 1965, they’ve expanded to additional locations in Rochester and Utica. Lifelong patrons in Detroit say employees go above and beyond to assist customers.

Pools and Spas A Go-Go