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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Detroit, MI

Oral care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but if you don’t have dental benefits, the costs add up quickly. It’s important to have coverage that lets you choose your dentist and contributes toward preventive, basic and major dental services. To help you find a plan, we researched the best dental insurance in Detroit.

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How to choose dental insurance in Detroit


Poor oral health can affect more than your smile; it has been linked with chronic health conditions including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But maintaining your teeth and gums doesn’t come cheap; according to the American Dental Association, annual per-patient dental expenditures among Americans visiting the dentist at least once in 2013 were $685.

Dental insurance in Detroit cuts down out-of-pocket costs for dental care, whether you go in for a routine exam and cleaning, get a filling for a cavity or have a crown put in.

Policies come in three main types: PPO, indemnity or HMO. Each comes with a monthly premium.

Type of plan Features
Dental PPO Lower coinsurance if you use in-network dentist; coinsurance varies by type of service; deductible; annual coverage maximum
Dental indemnity Freedom to choose any dentist; coinsurance varies by type of service; deductible; annual maximum; higher premiums
Dental HMO Limited network of dentists; no deductible or annual maximum; copayment for service; most affordable

The cost of dental insurance in Detroit depends on the type of policy you choose and whether you want coverage for an individual or multiple people. An HMO plan costs the least of the three major types, while an indemnity policy typically is most expensive.

When signing up for dental insurance in Detroit, be aware that most companies have waiting periods before they pay for certain dental procedures. Dental insurance companies categorize services as preventive, minor (or basic) or major. Most plans will allow you to get preventive treatments (exams, cleanings, X-rays) immediately but require you to wait months before they will help pay for other services. Ask for clarification.

If you can’t afford to wait, consider a dental savings plan, which is usually less expensive than insurance, instead. Members pay an annual fee and get discounts within a network of participating dentists. Dental savings plans are not the same as dental insurance: There are no claims, deductibles, copays or coinsurance. You pay out of pocket at the time of service.

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1Dental.com offers dental savings plans nationally, including in Detroit. Choose between two plans, each of which will save you 15 - 60 percent on dental visits. There are no limits, no deductibles and none of the waiting periods that come with insurance. You can activate a membership in less than five minutes and start saving today. Reviewers love the helpful customer service from 1Dental.com, which has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



Since 1999, over 1 million customers have used dental savings plans from DentalPlans.com. Detroit residents can choose from multiple plans and start saving 10 - 60 percent on dental procedures immediately. Applicants don’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions, and DentalPlans.com will match prices of competitors. Customers say they’ve come out ahead with savings. DentalPlans.com has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



You don’t need to have health insurance from UnitedHealthcare to purchase one of its dental policies. Find a plan that fits your needs and budget with a fast quote and application process. Routine, basic and major services are covered, with no deductible or waiting period for preventive care. UnitedHealthcare also makes it easy to add a vision insurance rider. Customers like the coverage for exams and cleanings. UnitedHealthcare has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.