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Find the Best Car Shipping Companies in Detroit, MI

Leaving your car in the hands of a stranger can be unsettling, so choosing an auto transport company to ship your car across the country is a tough decision. To help calm your nerves, we researched the best car shipping companies in Detroit and provided a break-down of what you need to know before handing off your keys.

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  • 99% customer satisfaction rate
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Montway Auto Transport
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Ships cars, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts and oversized vehicles
  • Door-to-door shipping nationwide via open or enclosed carriers
  • Include up to 100 pounds of personal items in your vehicle
  • Available in Detroit and nationwide
Learn More (866) 618-7655 Read More
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Military & student discounts
  • BBB accredited
  • Available in Detroit
  • AFTA damage protection

Costs range from $495 to $1,300.Offers door-to-door transport for cars, boats and motorcycles. Discounts for seniors, students and first responders. No upfront payment required. Quotes available in writing. Founded in 2004.

Learn More (770) 486-1010 Read More
Sherpa Auto Transport
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Quotes backed by Price Lock Promise
  • Exclusive Clean Car Guarantee
  • Available in Detroit
  • Transparent, honest pricing

Provides door-to-door vehicle transport. Free, all-inclusive quote, with $0 due until a carrier is secured. Price Lock Promise means the quoted price is the price you pay. Offers $20 reimbursement for car wash after delivery.

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Ship A Car Direct
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Fully insured
  • Online price estimator
  • Available in Detroit
  • Damage free guarantee

Depending on vehicle type, distance and season, costs range 35 cents to $1 per mile for door-to-door service. No upfront payment. Free estimates available in writing. Guaranteed damage-free delivery. Founded in 2008.

(855) 492-9222 Read More
Detroit Car Transport
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Online free quote form
  • Nationwide shipping
  • Insured up to $1,000,000
9110 Garfield St.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 242-7029
Detroit Auto Transport
  • International car transporter
  • Online shipping check list
  • Motorcycle, RV, and boat shipping available
  • Enclosed shipping option
243 W. Congress St
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 528-6953
Vantage Auto Transport
  • M-F: 7am - 7pm
  • Sat-Sun: 9am - 3pm
  • vantagecarshipping.com
9379 Otsego St.
Detroit, MI 48204
(313) 960-4008

How to choose a car shipping company in Detroit

Detroit Skyline

When choosing an auto transport company, it’s important to consider cost, reliability and your personal needs. In fact, your transport needs will impact the cost of the service. Take a look at a few of the factors that influence cost:

  • The size/type of car: Large trucks and cars, SUVs, collectibles and luxury vehicles cost more to transport than mid-line sedans because they take up more space in a carrier. Inoperable cars tend to cost more as well.
  • Closed vs. open carriers: Closed carriers provide extra protection for your vehicle, shielding it from road debris and weather, which makes the service more expensive. People with antique or expensive vehicles typically pay for closed carriers, whereas most personal vehicles are transported in open carriers.
  • Pick-ups vs. drop-off: Some companies offer pick-up services, whereas others make you drop your vehicle off at a terminal. Pick-up services tend to be more expensive than a standard drop-off.
  • Rural vs. urban: If your vehicle needs to be transported to/from a rural area, there may be an extra fee.
  • Gas prices & season: The price of gas and seasonal demand can fluctuate throughout the year, causing an increase or decrease in operating costs for auto transport companies in Detroit.

Despite variables, the average cost of shipping a vehicle to/from Detroit is between 60 cents and 75 cents per mile during peak season, which runs from May to August. Local rates drop to about 50 cents per mile from September to mid-November. Take a look at some estimates below:

Estimated transport rates to/from Detroit

From To Price
Chicago Detroit $559
New York City Detroit $859
Palm Springs, Fla. Detroit $969
St. Petersburg, Fla. Detroit $959
Naples, Fla. Detroit $979
Detroit Chicago $609
Detroit Palm Springs, Fla $1,029
Detroit Naples, Fla. $1,029
Detroit Dallas $1,149
Detroit San Antonio $1,359
Note: This data is based on the transport of an operable sedan in an open carrier, booked 45 days in advance.

After evaluating your needs and getting a quote from a company, it's important to ask a few more questions:

  • Does the quote cover all fees and insurance?
  • Is the price guaranteed?
  • If not, what events/circumstances will increase the price?
  • When is payment rendered?
  • Who do I pay and what forms of payment are accepted?

In the case of an accident, you want to understand who pays for damages. Before leaving your vehicle with any company, request a hard copy of their insurance and any additional protections offered, then read a few customer reviews to see if they are as reliable as they advertise. Coverage varies widely from company to company. To increase your likelihood of the best outcome, make sure you understand the coverage before signing any contract.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA, has noted an increase in fraudulent and deceptive practices from small online-based auto transport brokers. Vehicle hauling companies and auto transport brokers are required by law to register with and be permitted by the FMCSA. You can verify the license of your preferred company on the Department of Transportation FMCSA Licensing and Insurance page by using their USDOT number.

As an extra measure, you can inquire if the company is a member of any professional organizations, like:

  • Auto Haulers of America Association
  • National Association of Small Trucking Companies
  • State transportation authorities
  • The auto haulers division of the American Trucking Association

Membership isn’t a guarantee of professionalism or customer satisfaction, but most professional organizations require members to follow best practices, guidelines and/or a code of conduct.

After you’ve chosen a company, signed a contract and are ready to drop your car off, there are a few things you should do. First, thoroughly clean your car, removing everything that isn’t essential. Next, take pictures of any scratches, dents or dings. Finally, top off all your fluids with the exception of fuel. Experts say the safest way to transport a vehicle is with a quarter tank of gas.

Now that you know the basics about hiring a vehicle transport company, its time to look at companies. Read the descriptions below about the best car shipping companies in Detroit.

Best Car Shipping Companies in Detroit, MI Reviews


With licensed and bonded drivers, guaranteed competitive rates and a personal agent to oversee every booking, eShip is a popular option for auto transport in Detroit. eShip gives customers the chance to track their vehicles online. Detroit clients praise the ease of the tracking feature as well as eShip’s knowledgeable, responsive and friendly representatives.


Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport, a Chicago-area company, has been shipping vehicles for private and corporate customers for almost 15 years. Prices depend on a variety of factors, including the transport distance, the season, and your vehicle’s size, weight and condition. Transport on open trucks is the most popular option, but shipping in enclosed trucks is also available for higher-value vehicles. As an in-between option at the time of publishing, you can request that your vehicle is loaded on the top level of an open carrier for an extra $75. This means it’s less likely to suffer small chips from debris or fluid drips from vehicles above. Instant quotes are available via Montway’s website.

Montway Auto Transport Learn More (866) 618-7655


AmeriFreight has a track record of success and loyal customers to prove it. This award-winning company has a reputation for being transparent about costs, terms and process. They offer discounts to military, police, first responders, senior citizens and students. Customers in Detroit highly recommend AmeriFreight, saying that the process is hassle-free and representatives are honest.

Amerifreight Learn More (770) 486-1010

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport offers a customer-oriented, smooth transport experience. Backed by their Price Lock Promise, Sherpa offers one data-driven price and sticks to it. After your vehicle is delivered, customers can redeem a free car wash through their Clean Car Guarantee. A licensed and bonded company, Sherpa Auto Transport services all continental states and offers free online quotes. Cancellations can be made before the vehicle is picked up for a small fee depending on the timeline.

Sherpa Auto Transport Learn More

Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct, started in 2008, offers a no-damage guarantee and never requires a deposit up front. This company rigorously screens their carriers to ensure they’re fully insured and well-rated so you can get the best service possible. Vehicles are shipped from door to door.

Ship A Car Direct (855) 492-9222